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Personalised at-home date ideas jar for couple


15 Personalised Couple’s Date Ideas Jar

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The jar contains 15 tokens each with a simple at home date idea.

With 15 unique engraved tokens, the date jar feels incredibly luxurious. It makes a charming and fun personalised gift for couples.

The tokens include easy dates that don’t need any planning such as:

Play truth or dare.

Troll for photobooths.

Have a picnic inside.

Massage night.

Bubble bath together.

Any Many more great ideas to spend a quality time together.

The jars can be personalised with the couples names, on the top of the jar is another engraved token with your initials.

A bag of additional blank 5 tokens, to write your own dates on, can also be added. Perfect for those more personal dates.

made from:

A glass jar with plywood tokens. Each token is engraved.


The jar is 82mm x 65mm. Includes fifteen 40mm wooden tokens